How many people can the BBQ Donuts Boat take ?


BBQ Donuts boat can take up to 10 people maximum. For safety rules, children and babies count as a person as well in their own rights . If for example you have 3 children and 1 baby on board, you can only add 6 adults maximum. If you wanna be more comfortable while eating on board, we advise you to be 9 people, but even with 10, you will not be tight :) .

Is food included in our offer’s ?


Foot is optional, it’s not included in our rental offer’s. if you’d like to include it, it will cost you between 18€ and 20€ per person and 12€ per child. Our menus include’s a Starter, main course and desert ( Varies depending on the season ). For those who wish, we propose drink’s. If you desire, you can also bring your own food and drink’s. All changes or cancellations of food orders could only be taking in consideration 48 hours before your reservation.

Are children allowed on board ?


Our boat’s can receive newborn babies, no age limitations are required. Relatives are responsible for babies / children . Therefore it will be necessary to remain vigilant and to keep an eye on them.

Do you need a license to drive a BBQ Donuts boat ?

The BBQ Donuts Boat does not require no specific lincense. A fast driving training of about fifteen minutes will be done with the captain* before going out at sea. The boat is very simple to handle, even for beginner’s it will not be difficult at all.

*You will have to choose a captain before boarding on the BBQ Donuts boat. Only one person will get trained before all departures out at sea.


Do you really have to be 10 peaple to rent a BBQ Donuts boat ?


There’s no obligation to be 10 to board a BBQ Donuts boat. The rental price of our boat’s are fixed, whether you are two or ten people, the price remains the same.

What’s included in the rental ?


When we rent a BBQ Donuts Boat, depending on the chosen options, we provide you Ice* or coal** .  All our boat’s are equipped with LED’s ( very interesting for the “SUNSET offer” ). Fuel is dosed according to the chosen offer, also included in the rental pack.

In addition, if you ask for the catering option, we provide the dishes. All our boats are equipped with sound system’s ( to be manage by bluetooth with your phone or a USB key )

*Ice for all subscriptions for out Nocturne / Sunset formulas .

** Coal if you opt for the barbecue.

Can we pay by check ?


Our company does not accept payment by check. You can pay by credit card ( Online or directly at the Marina of Le Marin ) or in cash.

Does the rental price drop if the boat isn’t full ?


Our offer’s are proposed at fixed prices. Whether you’re two or ten people on the BBQ Donuts Boat, the price stays exactly the same (between 180€ and 350€, it depends on the offer you have chosen). We advise you to rent our Donuts in group’s to enjoy it with the most reasonable price. As the saying goes : “ The more we’re crazy, the more we laugh “ !

How to book a reservation ?


For all booking’s, a 30% deposit of the total of your rental price will be required. While waiting to of this deposit, withing 2 day’s we will hold your BBQ Donut boat for the desired date . After this deadline, we reserve the right to rent the boat depending on the request’s we receive.

Can we bring our cooler ?


In every offer you are allowed to bring your cooler, it’s even recommended for the “ Adventure offer “. However, if you opt for the Nocturne or the Discovery offer, we will put an XXL drink container in the middle of the Donut (No need to bring a cooler).



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