What’s BBQ Donuts Boat ?


Bbq Donuts Boat is a boat without license that can take up to 10 people . It hold’s it’s name by it’s specific form . Thank’s to it, it can navigate you through white sand backround’s in Martinique, it let’s you share delicious grill’s with an XXL barbecue with coal or you can also enjoy it with an XXL drink container to enjoy aperitif’s on the sea . Need a gourmet gateway ? we also propose optional local flavoured menus . Whether with friends, family or even with work mates, you will be sure to leave with unforgettable memories from Martinique, our beautiful flower island .

Want a gourmet gateway out at sea ? escpape for a half day trip on your Donut’s, a boat without license with the Discovery Offer* ( 3 hours rental ) come on a break on the water. *except on weekend’s and holidays .

You got adventure in the soul ? Rent your boat without license for the day ( 9am - 4pm ) to grill thanks to the XXL charcoal BBQ and explore the white sand bottoms, swim with turtle and tropical fishes and even more.

Wanna spend an evening on the water ? Come to have an sunset aperitif or dinner on a Donut . Choose your vibe through the sound system and colorfull light’s . Sunset offer (6pm - 9pm ). An exceptional and unique experience .

What’s included in our offer's

*Option’s are not cumulative. In the drink container formula we transform the middle of the BBQ Donut boat into a cooler and we also offer a bag of ice . In the Barbecue formula (Only available in the Adventure Offer) we transform the middle of the BBQ Donut boat into a barbecue and we also offer ecological coal .



Marina du Marin - Bassin tortue

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